Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Igboland, otherwise referred to as the South East in contemporary Nigerian political arrangement, has always been synonymous with enterprise, nationalism and social responsibility. Through the years, dating back to the years of nationalism and the immediate post-independence era, the Igbo have given fully of themselves and been in the forefront of the development of a viable Nigerian State.

The civil war [1967-1970] which pitched the South East against the Federal side, over issues of justice, equity and political bearing of Nigeria, however created  a very devastating impact which, still date, tends to erode both the strides in development and profile of the Igbo. Even at that, the Igbo still remain a critical propelling force in the economic, social and political evolution of Nigeria as a federal state.

The Igbo have always been pace setters in various key areas of socio-economic development in Nigeria. In spite of obvious drawbacks and impediments in the national setting since the Civil War, Igboland still holds up leaders and models in leadership and enterprise.