Igboland, otherwise referred to as the South East in contemporary Nigerian political arrangement, has always been synonymous with enterprise, nationalism and social responsibility. Through the years, dating back to the years of nationalism and the immediate post-independence era, the Igbo have given fully of themselves and been in the forefront of the development of a viable Nigerian State.

The civil war [1967-1970] which pitched the South East against the Federal side, over issues of justice, equity and political bearing of Nigeria, however created  a very devastating impact which, still date, tends to erode both the strides in development and profile of the Igbo. Even at that, the Igbo still remain a critical propelling force in the economic, social and political evolution of Nigeria as a federal state.

The Igbo have always been pace setters in various key areas of socio-economic development in Nigeria. In spite of obvious drawbacks and impediments in the national setting since the Civil War, Igboland still holds up leaders and models in leadership and enterprise.

GIANTS OF THE SOUTH EAST is an initiative that is designed to celebrate the noble core values for which the Igbo are universally acclaimed. The project is both of historical value and a step in Igbo renaissance. It seeks to identify, select through a transparent format, document and celebrate 100 leading personalities in Igboland in the present times, who, in their respective areas of endeavour personify the spirit of selfless service, purposeful leadership, accomplished professionalism, solid enterprise and community advancement.

This unique project is designed with multifaceted underlying essence. It gives opportunity to the larger Igbo society to;

a.     Identify and nominate individuals who have proven record of touching many lives through advancing human development in the communities.

b.     Recognize and celebrate worthy sons and daughters of Igboland who have overcome structural and sundry impediments, especially post-civil war deprivations, to attain the commanding heights of administration, the professions and in entrepreneurship.

c.      Identify and hold up role models and reference points for the youth, aspiring careerists and upcoming entrepreneurs who seek success through legitimate enterprises.

d.     Showcase the strengths, strategies, programmes and contributions to social and economic development of the society by the selected individuals, thereby accentuating the time honoured values of hard work, doggedness and social responsibility in the Igbo person.

e.     Communicate to the world that the Igbo and Igboland still offer some of the best and reliable partners and investment environment in this part of the world.

The selection process of nominees to this unique recognition will be painstaking. The public will make nomination of individuals who in their estimation deserve to be counted among the 100 leading lights of the South East in the present time. A board of assessors that will collate the nominations will be strictly guided by the public preferences.

In all, nominees will fall into seven broad areas of endeavour. These are;
1.     Education
2.     Health/Social Services
3.     Business/Entrepreneurship
4.     Political Leadership/Administration
5.     Professions
6.     Human Development /Philanthropy
7.     Arts/Culture/Sports

The project will culminate in the publication of a book of the same title featuring a comprehensive profile of the nominees as well as celebration in the media of the nominees and finally a fitting award ceremony.

It is our pleasure to bring the commencement of this unique project to your notice and in so doing seek your hand of cooperation to make the project a huge success. The need to properly re-focus Igboland and to highlight for the world the true and enduring face of the Igbo person can no longer be overlooked. Giants of the South East is a major step of a statement on what Igboland represents.

Further details of the project will be released along the line.

For further enquiry please contact the undersigned.
Thank you.
Kasie Abone
Chief Ideas Officer (CIO)
08057511558, 08099400163.